$2460 Additional Pension by CRA: When is it coming for Canadians? Payment Dates

Updated on June 15, 2024

$2460 Additional Pension by CRA: When is it coming for Canadians? Payment Dates

New $2460 CRA Additional Pension: Canadian Payment Dates and Implementation Updates

$2460 Additional Pension by CRA

The Canada Revenue Agency and the Federal Government have jointly decided to introduce a new benefit act to help citizens cope with inflation. As Budget 2024 approaches, the new funds and plans are set to be in effect from April 1, 2024.

The budget for pensions exceeded expectations, and as the fiscal year concludes, applicants have been consistently receiving benefits. Notably, funds from the previous year that were not allocated are now being utilized for additional benefit plans. These encompass various categories, such as pensions, child support, disability, and survival plans, with the $2460 pension being one of the allocated funds.

What is a $2460 Additional Pension?

The CRA is stepping up to support our elders who are grappling with rising living costs, forcing many retirees to rely on others for their essential expenses. To address this challenge, an extra pension plan has been introduced.

As part of the plan, each beneficiary is set to receive an additional $2460. The program is rolling out this month, and recipients will get this supplement along with their regular CPP and OAS pensions. The exact supplementary amount isn’t fixed; it depends on individual contributions and the old age security provided by the CRA. Each beneficiary will receive a portion based on their contribution.

Overview of $2460 Additional Pension

Title: $2460 Additional Pension

Country: Canada

Responsible Administration: Canadian Revenue Agency

Benefit Amount: $2460

Benefit Eligibility: Seniors receiving the CPP and OAS

Official Website: canada.ca

When Can Canadians Expect It?

Keep an eye on canada.ca for the latest updates on the arrival of the $2460 Additional Pension for eligible seniors.

The folks at the Canadian Revenue Agency are in charge of handling CPP funds and benefits. The $2460 Additional Pension is now rolled out as part of the CPP + OAS fund. If you’re a senior benefiting from the CPP pension plan and OAS plan, you’re in line for this extra benefit, and it’ll go straight into your account.

These payments are set to kick in this month and will continue until the new budget plan is announced. Keep an eye out for potential changes across all benefit categories once the new budget for the year is revealed. While the additional support is likely to stick around, there might be some tweaks to the plans.

Payment Dates For $2460 Additional Pension 2024

The extra amount is set to be deposited along with your other benefits, becoming a regular monthly addition. You can expect these funds to come in with your CPP pension plan disbursement. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your “My Account” for all the details about this additional supplement.

In case you haven’t seen the extra benefit alongside your CPP plan, no worries—look out for it to be deposited along with your OAS benefit. Keep those accounts checked for the added support!

Eligiblity To Receive The $2460 Additional Pension

If you’re eligible for the CPP and OAS pension, you’re automatically qualified to receive the extra supplement. No need to fill out any additional applications – it’s all set up for you!

Fact Checks About $2460 Additional Pension

The introduction of this extra support serves as a wakeup call for the next generation. It provides them with valuable insights to plan for retirement and contribute as much as they can. Such contributions will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their future retirement plans.

Considering the looming possibility of another economic downturn, the country is gearing up to face potential challenges. Given the current financial landscape, there’s a likelihood of increased budget allocations for various benefits. Anticipated adjustments in additional payments are expected to bring positive changes, providing some reassurance in uncertain economic times.




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