Alternatives To Orijen Dog Food

Updated on May 25, 2023

Orijen is considered one of the best dog food manufacturers today.

It’s widely agreed that Orijen is one of the top brands of dog food currently available. However, because of its high price and limited availability in some areas, pet owners are searching for low-cost substitutes. The quality of Royal Canin, another popular brand, is on par with that of Orijen.

Alternatives To Orijen Dog Food

That means that canines consume a wide variety of foods. This necessitates that they eat both plant- and animal-based foods in appropriate proportions. Orijen is a popular name in the premium dog food market. Let’s pretend your dog doesn’t suffer from any intolerances or sensitivities. This dog food, then, offers a great formula for canines of all ages.

This dog food is blended with fruits and vegetables and is made from edible materials. Your furry friend can get whatever it needs here. Orijen pet food has been delivering products that have been examined and tested by veterinarians, dog owners, and dog enthusiasts for over 30 years.

Other recommended alternatives

In spite of the fact that Orijen is unquestionably high-quality dog food, some pet parents just cannot afford it. That’s why lots of other brands of dog food tried to undercut Orijen’s pricing without sacrificing quality by cutting corners elsewhere. Think about looking into the brands of dog food that have been endorsed by this blog.

There is logic in nature. In comparison to Orijen, this dry dog food brand is significantly less expensive, by 39.73%. Furthermore, there have been no dog food recalls or controversy around this particular brand.
Freeze-dried dog food made by Merrick is 20.81 percent less expensive than that made by Orijen. There have been no dog food recalls or any issues with this company’s products.
Exposed Farm. One brand of dehydrated dog food, Open Farm, is around 18.33% less expensive than Orijen. There have been no product recalls for this brand, and it doesn’t make use of any questionable materials.
Freeze-dried dog food made by Merrick is 69.62% less expensive than that made by Orijen. There have been no dog food recalls or any issues with this company’s products.
This place is like a cross between Stella’s and Chewey’s. When compared to Orijen, the price of dried dog food made by Stella and Chewey’s is lower by 13.83 percent. There have been no dog food recalls or any issues with this company’s products.
The Bare Minimum Necessary to Maintain Life. As a brand of freeze-dried dog food, Vital Essentials is 29.84% less expensive than Orijen. There have been no product recalls for this brand, and it doesn’t make use of any questionable materials.

Do Vets Recommend Orijen?

Orijen is widely regarded as one of the best dog foods ever made by veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and dog owners with decades of experience. Orijen produces a science-based diet that provides the necessary nutrition for your pets because the company collaborates with multiple professionals and homeowners.

Orijen has been recommended by veterinary nutritionists who have spent years evaluating and testing different dog food brands. The company’s top-notch recipes for canine nourishment are developed with the help of these specialists. The manufacturer’s commitment to providing meat and plant-based ingredients in their dog food products is also praised.

Helpful feedback from dog owners allowed Orijen to develop a premium food product. They work with the dog-loving public to come up with ideas that can be pricey but are necessary for the dog’s well-being.

Many canine owners will likely just want the best for their dogs. This means that there is an Orijen product available for your dog at every life stage. Orijen Original, Orijen Puppy, and Orijen Senior are the company’s three flagship items.

Is Orijen the Best Dog Food?

The word origin, from which the Orijen brand takes its name, means “roots” in Latin. This line of dog food is designed to meet your pet’s basic requirements as it grows up. Orijen strives to be the first and last name in your dog’s nutritional needs by sourcing the finest and most recent available ingredients from your immediate area.

Incontestably, Orijen is one of the most well-liked brands of dog food available today. Due to the excellent feedback from their clients, Orijen has been able to stay in business for 30 years now. Orijen dog food is guaranteed to be nutritionally balanced and to follow your dog’s specific breed’s biological needs in every formula.

Nearly two-thirds of the recipe is made up of fresh, freeze-dried meat, making this a high-protein dog food. Each Orijen package contains a blend of six different types of meat proteins, making it an exceptionally well-rounded calcium source. Chicken, duck, cow, lamb, goat, and turkey are all examples of such meats.

Tripe, kidney, and liver were also added into Orijen. Your pet can get the iodine, iron, magnesium, and iron they need, as well as the vitamins A, D, E, and K, from these organs. You can also add fish and eggs for a healthy dose of protein that will help your puppy develop properly. Apples, blueberries, Saskatoon berries, Bartlett pears, lavender, rosehips, lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans, squash, zucchini, parsnips, carrots, kale, spinach, kelp, blueberries, chicory root, turmeric root, marshmallow root, burdock root, and milk thistle are all examples of ingredients derived from plants.

Which Is Better Royal Canin or Orijen?

Due of its widespread appeal and reasonable price, Royal Canin is often put up as an alternative to Orijen. However, there are a number of considerations that must be examined before concluding that Royal Canin is superior to Orijen. Considerations include guaranteed analysis, cost, the background of the brand, and the quality of the ingredients used.


Several components in Royal Canin raise concerns about the safety for canines. Corn grits, cow plasma, wheat gluten, by-products of poultry and pigs, soybean protein isolate, and rice hulls are only a few of the ingredients. Menadione sodium bisulfite and BHA are two more hazardous chemicals utilised only by Royal Canin.

Brand history

Due to irradiation, Orijen had to issue a recall once. Alternatively, Royal Canin has three spots on their dog food products relating to melanin and excessive vitamin D3 levels.


Orijen costs almost $10 more per pound than Royal Canin.

Guaranteed analysis

Dry dog food’s guarantee factor is determined by daily measurements of crude protein, crude fat, and crude fibre. The dry canine food from Orijen has about 15 percent more protein than the dry canine food from Royal Canin. Again, Orijen offers 7.29 percentage points more crude fat than Royal Canin. As a conclusion, the natural fibre content of Orijen and Royal Canin are roughly the same.

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