Can Houses Get Fleas Without Pets?

Updated on July 21, 2023

cat with fleas scratching

Even if you don’t have any pets, you still could end up with fleas. Although it may come as a surprise, having fleas when you don’t have any pets is actually rather frequent.

If you don’t have any pets but are still plagued with fleas, there are a few potential causes.

Fleas can take a ride back home on your pant leg or sock if you go for a walk in a park or other area with tall grass.
Someone who finds a stray cat or dog in the area can leave it at your doorstep.
Squirrels, foxes, badgers, rats, and mice are just some of the local rodents that can spread fleas throughout your landscape.
Fleas are common parasites on many species of wild animals. The fleas can be spread as they walk through your yard or across your threshold. The eggs they lay can also be left for future generations to enjoy. Fleas will jump on your clothes and follow you inside if you so much as step foot in your garden. You can see how simple it is for fleas to invade your home without your knowledge, even if you don’t have any pets.

Can Houses Get Fleas Without Pets?

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Facts About Fleas

In around 1–6 days, the flea larvae will emerge from the egg. The environment’s temperature plays a major role. Three to four months without a host is therefore possible for a flea. If fleas have been dumped in your garden, they will wait at least this long for you to come by and invite them inside, where it is warm and they can feast on your blood.

Flea bites, while funny in context, are actually quite unpleasant and can even be dangerous. Diseases are transmitted by fleas. Also, they can be infected with tapeworms that can spread to people and especially small infants. Accidental ingestion of fleas can lead to this infection. In the event of a flea infestation, prompt action is required to rid the area of the pests. Diamond Pest Control is ready to help!

Stopping Fleas From Infesting Your Home

Now that you know how and why fleas can infest your home even if you don’t have pets, we’ll go over some preventative measures you can take.

Fleas can be avoided in pet-free homes by keeping them clean.

• Keep the sheets clean and the furniture, carpets, and floors vacuumed on a regular basis.
• Fleas love to hide in tall grass, so stay out of it.
Maintain your yard and lawn.
If you suspect a flea problem, please call us immediately so that we can arrange for treatment. • Empty the vacuum bag outdoors and place the contents in a sealed bag.

A Few Extra Tips For Pet Owners

Here are some measures you may take to keep fleas out of your home if you currently have or plan to acquire a pet.

Fleas and flea dirt should be checked for on pets on a regular basis.
A person who scratches, licks, or bites themself excessively may have a self-harming behaviour.
If you have pets, they need to be washed frequently.
It’s important to regularly clean your pet’s bedding, collars, and stuffed toys to prevent the spread of germs.
Make an appointment with your vet to discuss preventative measures, such as regular flea treatments.

Thanks to these insights, you should be able to avoid picking up any parasites. Don’t be alarmed if you find fleas in your home even though you don’t have any pets. Everyone is equally at risk.





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