Cheap Alternatives to Dog Beds?

Updated on May 25, 2023

Does the idea of a dog bed captivate you?

Even while store-bought dog beds are soft and cosy, you can easily make your own at home with a few simple supplies.

Learn all about making your own dog bed and more in today’s blog post.

Affordable Substitutes for Dog Beds

It’s important to have dog mattresses on hand if you have multiple dogs or a single large dog that would take up the entire bed or couch when snoozing.

Dog beds do more than only protect your furniture from canine damage; they also prevent your pets from spreading disease around the house.

Is a DIY Dog Bed Recipe Available?

Making your dog a bed out of an old blanket or towel is a creative thing you can do.

A little amount of DIY know-how can be used to create a sturdy dog bed.

A dog bed’s filling has a nearly equal role in deciding how well it will perform its function as its cover.

Since fiberfill is cheap and naturally fluffy, it is frequently used. It will eventually compact, though, and your dog bed will stop being inflated. Fiberfill dog beds are very difficult to clean.
The additional padding and comfort that memory foam offers is advantageous to dogs. This filler substance will be more advantageous for canines who suffer from joint issues like arthritis.

It makes sense that dogs with arthritis or other bone issues, like greyhounds, would benefit from greater padding.
Aromatic wood chips are one of the quickest ways to get rid of bad odours, therefore we’ve included them.

However, if your dog decides to use the bed as a chew toy, things will get nasty.
Additionally, make sure there aren’t any wood chips jutting out, as these can irritate your dog.

You will realise how uncomfortable you are right away.

You end up tossing and turning quite a bit on it as a result.

Used clothing works well as filler in dog beds. Thankfully, the majority of us have closets stuffed with outgrown clothes that we never wear any more.

Would you mind giving some to your dog?

The veterinarian may recommend a large pillow if your dog is on the little side.

If you want to see if your dog would like a huge pillow, you should get one. Dogs, like people, have their preferences when it comes to bedding.

If you notice that your dog prefers to sleep on one particular cushion while in your bed, you know exactly what kind of pillow your dog likes best.

I don’t have a dog bed — what else can I use?

A dog bed isn’t necessary to buy when you have a sewing machine and some creativity. Your dog may do some harm to your improvised dog bed over time if he or she likes to scratch and bite at it.

There is a wide range of options available for the filler material. If you don’t want to spend any money on your dog’s bed, you can use old clothes as stuffing instead of the more affordable fiberfill.

Drawbacks of Dog Beds Drawbacks of Dog Beds

Your pet will enjoy a private, cosy, and inviting place. The commercially available beds for dogs are soft and supportive of the neck, allowing them to sleep peacefully.

Senior dogs may benefit immensely from dog beds because to their greater propensity to have pain and joint issues. Dogs greatly value having a bed to rest on when it’s chilly outside and the floor is also cool inside.

It’s lovely to have your puppy in bed with you at first. However, the tossing and turning and even snoring can keep both the owner and the pet awake at night.

If you put your dog on its own bed, both you and the two of you will sleep better.
It will become a favourite napping spot for your dog.

After that, you can bring the mattress along on lengthy journeys to guarantee the animal’s comfort.

Mattress-style bedding, which is the easiest to get everywhere, tends to make dogs feel the most at peace.


It’s just another part of your dog’s bed that needs frequent care and cleaning to prevent odours.
Pathogens like MRSA and Bartonella henselae are common in dog beds, but they aren’t the only ones.

However, if you do allow your dog sleep in the bedroom, the dog bed is a much safer place for these germs than your mattress.
There is an unavoidable risk of electric shock and fire with AC-powered dog beds and blankets.

There is less chance of fire or electric shock with battery-operated ones, therefore those are our recommendation.
Obviously, you’ll be missed by your pet.

Because of the warmth humans give off, pets enjoy being close to them.

How many people out there use their pets and cats as foot warmers?

A Guide on Using a Dog Bed.

To get your dog to use his or her new dog bed, you can use clicker training.

As a first step in training your dog, utilise the “put” command.

Then, have the dog lie down on the dog bed in exchange for a reward and a click.

Iterate as necessary until the new command is associated. You should then use the down order to ensure that your dog actually lies down on the bed rather than merely approaching it.

Having your dog trained will not take long at all.

Always remember to praise and reward your dog.

Clicker training is effective only when used in conjunction with food rewards.

There is a lot of energy in a dog when it comes to food, especially if you do the activity right before their regular meals. Your pet must be hungry in order to be fed.

Should Pets Have a Dog Bed?

A dog bed can trap and contain germs that might otherwise have spread throughout the house via the sofa, mattress, carpeting, etc.

Commercial dog beds are available on Amazon, but it is also possible to make your own at home.

Having a dog bed is essential, especially if your older dog has been diagnosed with arthritis and other health problems.

The soft surface of a dog bed will also be more comfortable for canines with health issues or chronic pain.

The rule of thumb is that a thicker dog bed means a more comfortable dog.


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