CPF 2024: Contribution Rates, Interest, Payouts, Minimum & Maximum Limits{2024}

Updated on April 6, 2024

CPF 2024: Contribution Rates, Interest, Payouts, Minimum & Maximum Limits{2024}

In this article, you’ll discover details about CPF Contribution Rate 2024, including Interest Rate, Payouts, Minimum Sum, and Max Contribution. The Central Provident Fund (CPF) serves as Singapore’s federal social security fund, requiring contributions from both employers and employees for retirement, home ownership, and healthcare. The contribution amounts vary based on factors like age, wages, and status, with accounts managed by the CPF Board. To delve into CPF Contribution Rate 2024, payouts, and more, keep reading this article.

CPF Contribution Rate 2024

In 2024, CPF has made significant changes to contribution rates, influenced by dependents’ life stages. The first quarter sees a 4.08% per annum increase in the Central Provident Fund interest rate, contributing to higher accumulations.

The CPF contribution rate is pivotal for both employers and employees in retirement planning. The interest rate hike prompts crucial adjustments in CPF accounts, optimizing retirement goals. Notably, CPF special and MediSave accounts rise, ordinary CPF increases to $6,800, full CPF retirement by $205,800, and CPF Basic Healthcare by $71,500.

CPF Intrest Rate 2024

Starting January 2024, the Central Provident Fund has implemented higher rates, aiming to address the rising cost of living and inflation. The maximum monthly CPF salary has been raised from $6,300 to $6,800, constituting 20% of the contributor’s monthly income.

Starting January 2024, CPF Contribution Rates for individuals aged 55 to 70 will see adjustments. Contributors aged 55 and above are required to contribute 37% of their total wages, with 17% covered by employers and 20% by employees. Those aged 55 to 60 must contribute 31%, including a 15% employer contribution and a 16% employee contribution. Contributors above 70 years old will contribute 12.5%, with 7.5% from employers and 5% from employees.

For individuals under 65, the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) is raised from $68,500 to $71,500, subject to annual adjustments. Recipients aged 65 and above will maintain a BHS of $71,500 from January 2024 onwards.

Contribution Payout 2024

In 2024, CPF Contribution Rate payouts vary based on members’ age. Those below 55 receive an additional 1% on their $60,000 CPF balance. Members aged 55 and above enjoy an extra 2% interest on their initial $30,000 and 1% on the subsequent $30,000.

HDB payout remains steady at 2.6%, while members below 65 receive $71,500. Members aged 65 and above also receive $71,500. These rates are annual, and the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) payout is adjusted yearly by the Federal Ministry of Health.

CPF Minimum Sum

In 2024, the Central Provident Fund sets the basic minimum retirement sum at $102,900, the full retirement sum at $205,800, and the minimum enhanced retirement sum at $308,700. These federal amounts are subject to annual adjustments.

The 2024 CPF Rate accounts for inflation and increased life expectancy. The Federal Government establishes the new CPF minimum sum to enhance the standard of living, ensuring eligible members receive an adequate sum to meet their requirements.

CPF Max Contribution 2024

Starting January 2024, the CPF max contribution rate aligns with the new federal threshold, mandating members to contribute their monthly ordinary wage, capped at 6,800 SGD/month, with an annual ceiling of 102,000 SGD.

Despite the Central Provident Fund Board’s gradual increase in the monthly threshold, the provided amount remains unchanged. The revised income threshold, calculated based on the 6,800 SGD monthly ordinary wage ceiling, determines the rest of the CPF Contribution Rate.



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