Ireland’s Child Benefit: Amount and Eligibility for Double Benefit

Updated on June 22, 2024

In this discussion, we’ll cover key aspects of Child Benefit in Ireland: the amount, eligibility for Double Child Benefit, and steps for parents facing challenges in providing proper nourishment for their children to apply for Child Benefit Ireland. We’ll guide you through the application process.

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Child Benefit Ireland

In 1944, a significant milestone for parents occurred with the initiation of Child Benefit in the country. Guardians of children, mainly teenagers or younger, receive this financial support. The funds have been crucial for families with low incomes and those caring for children with disabilities.

Notably, this benefit is non-taxable, allowing recipients to use the entire amount to support their children’s upbringing. This aspect contributes to making parenting more manageable in the country. The Child Benefit is granted to the child’s mother/stepmother or father/stepfather. In unique cases, if the child is in foster care or with a relative, the responsible person will receive the Child Benefit.

How Much is Child Benefit in Ireland?

Beneficiaries can expect a monthly payment of €140, deposited into their bank accounts every Tuesday, depending on when they submitted their application. In the case of twins, the amount will be divided equally between them.

Here’s how the payments break down: €140 for 1 child, €280 for 2, €420 for 3, €560 for 4, €700 for 5 children, and so on. The maximum payment caps at €1120 for eight children. Importantly, rest assured that your income and Social Insurance (PRSI) will not be impacted in any case.

Who Gets Double Child Benefit?

To qualify for double child benefit, citizens must meet the Habitual Residency Condition, and details can be verified on In Ireland’s 2024 Budget, it’s announced that children up to 18 years old will receive Child Benefit, effective post-September 2024. Until then, the existing policy applies, with eligible beneficiaries receiving €280 per child.

Here’s how to claim:

Step 1: Register with the Department of Social Protection. Obtain your baby’s birth certificate, including child, your, and your law partner’s details, residency, income, family info, etc., within three months of birth.

Step 2: A Personal Public Service Number is generated for the child to facilitate benefit provision.

Step 3: Fill out the CB1 form, including necessary details, and upload required documents on the portal in the correct format.

After submission, applicants should expect a verification period of at least 14 business days. Further communication from officials will be sent to the registered email or contact number of the beneficiary.

While applicants have the option to visit the nearest office for registration, we recommend the online process for its convenience.

It’s crucial to note that any changes in the application, such as address, child’s age, departure from the country, cessation of full-time education, or relocation to another country, must be updated on the portal. Form CB56 is the go-to for modifying lifestyle circumstances.

This article serves as a guide for Child Benefit Ireland. Ensure accurate banking information is provided for timely payments. Contact officials at 071 9672544 via mail or call for assistance during working hours, excluding public holidays or weekends.

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