My AnimalJam pets won’t work, why?

Updated on April 16, 2023


Please be patient as our team tries to find a solution to the issues described below, and feel free to attempt the suggested workarounds if applicable.

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Newly Repaired

Recently, our team has fixed some issues that had been brought to light by your complaints. If it was giving you trouble before, it’s probably a good idea to give it another shot.

Open Gift.png

Gifts added to the Jamaaliday Gifting tree after 5 p.m. MST on December 26 will be counted as having been added on December 27, and will not be accessible until Jamaalidays 2023 (this is not a problem).
It’s not a bug if you have to go to the top bar every day to use the “Daily Spin” wheel.
Copy of note icon.png

Warning: No data has been compromised. A phishing email is making the rounds that asks recipients to update their password by clicking a link. Don’t fall for phishing sites or emails that ask for personal information while promising free membership, unusual things, or currency.
Slide 2 shows an email that was not sent by our support staff.
Please send tickets to
This email address,, is NOT associated with Animal Jam or NAZARA in any way.
Since the year 2020, there has been no breach of any kind.

Pests all over the world

While attempting to repel the Phantoms, I slipped and plunged out of Mount Shiveer.
Mt. Shiveer’s ice is slick, leading some Jammers to fall into the water below.
The Alphas will take measures to prevent anyone from falling out of Mt. Shiveer.
In my Pack Run, there are some things that I simply cannot access.
It’s not uncommon for the objects we acquire during Pack Runs to get a bit carried away and stow away in inaccessible spots.
Our engineers are investigating the problem right now.
Don’t fret too much in the meantime; the Pack Run has a few extra collected items beyond what is strictly required to achieve a perfect score for your Pack.
Issues with Profiles and Images
The Daily Explorer is off-limits for me to critique.
When attempting to access the Daily Explorer, some gamers receive the message “Wrong Username or Password.”

The developers are aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

If you want to comment on Animal Jam and AJ Classic, your parents should check the Parent Dashboard to make sure your Jammer account is enabled on both platforms.

I’ve been demoted to the first level!

Rest assured that this is merely a passing graphical issue (your account is still at the right level, it just currently appears to be at level 1).
Please submit a ticket if your status has not returned to normal after 24 hours.
I look ridiculous in front of my friends.
Friends’ perceptions of what you’re wearing may differ from your own. This happens when your internet connection is too slow, which causes your avatar to accidentally be able to wear multiples of each piece of clothes.
You can fix your outfit by following these steps: open the avatar editor, click the clear outfit button (the broom icon), and then close and reload the programme (repeat this as many times as necessary until your avatar is no longer wearing any items).
Ensure a stable connection, and then dress your avatar again in increments. If you find that you have saved multiples of an item in a previous outfit, it is recommended that you remove that save.
I constantly getting the message that Masterpiece creation is disabled for my account whenever I try to build one.
When utilising the Brush tool for intricate designs, this problem often arises. Create a solid block of colour in the upper left corner of your Masterpiece. That’s the normal cure for any problem!
On occasion, the error notice will also read as “There seems to have been an error. If this doesn’t work, check back later.”
On my Mastertrack’s trade list, it doesn’t say what it is called.
It seems that a Mastertrack loses its identifying information when you add it to your trade list.
The developers are attempting to rectify the issue with Mastertracks in trade not showing their correct names.
When I check in, I don’t get any notifications on when my rewards will be delivered.
Accounts that have made numerous offline purchases from the Masterpiece shop have been found to have their login prompts concealed.
Any Sapphires or Gemstones you ordered will still be delivered. It’s possible that when you check in to your Shop, you won’t see a notification telling you what items have sold.
It may be essential to manually check My Shops to see which goods have sold if a large number of Masterworks have been sold.

Concerns Regarding Pets

Unfortunately, not all of my Pack Expedition prizes arrived.
This typically occurs when one of your accounts’ stockpiles is at capacity (it could be furniture, clothing, pets, etc). Always provide yourself plenty of storage space in your various stockpiles.
There is a chance that the Pack Expedition won’t ask you to recycle enough stuff to create room for new ones even if it will ask you to do so. All is not lost with your prizes! Simply return to Animal Jam and recycle the same number of things as the number of missing awards. Quickly after that, you should have the goods in stock!
When I quit drinking a Play as Your Pet potion, my character’s eyes go entirely dark.
The team working on the app is investigating the cause of the malfunction; please be patient.
In the meantime, you can try to fix the problem by refreshing the game programme.
A ghostly transformation of my pet is out of the question!
The Jammer can’t use both the Play as Your Pet Potion and the Ghost Potion at the same time.
Animals have a normal, healthy fear of the dark, so they wouldn’t make good ghosts.
My Snowy Sugar Glider only allows me to select certain colour schemes.
It seems that when Jammers try to personalise a Snowy Sugar Glider, the animal stubbornly stays the same colour.
All players who purchase a new Snowy Sugar Glider will be given guidance from the Alphas on how to best personalise their new glider.

Concerns with the Application

After a recent rollout, Chromebooks are having connectivity problems.
Developers are hard at work on the problem. If you’re having this problem right now, please submit a ticket with details about your device and account.
When I try to change my password, the “Done” button never activates.
The developers are currently working to activate this button. If you’re having this problem right now, please open a support ticket so we can reset your password.
When I try to play, a window that says “Critical Error” always appears.
This is because some of your game files did not update properly when you loaded into a new location.
You can return to your account by clicking the “Okay” button.
This may need to be repeated multiple times before you are able to successfully log in.
You will need to repeat these procedures if you decide to uninstall the game.
It launches Animal Jam when I try to instal the AJ Classic App.
To remove both programmes, use the Uninstall a Program option found in the Windows Control Panel.
Get rid of any previous installations, then redownload and reinstall the software.
If you plan on playing both Classic and Animal Jam, you’ll need to get the Classic app first.
The desktop application loads into an unusably tiny window.
There is a problem with the game save file registry on your PC.
Send in a ticket, and we’ll help you figure out what’s wrong and how to repair it.
The Q, E, Z, C, and spacebar action shortcuts don’t seem to be working in Pack Runs.
We regret any trouble this may have caused and are hard at work on a fix.
The Parent Tools app is no longer available. If you’re a jammer looking for the Parent Tools, just go to
Defective Images and Content
Arctic Coyote and fox both have their eyes open as they sleep.
They are extremely perceptive creatures that do not want to miss a thing, not even while they sleep.
The development team is assuring them that they may sleep soundly knowing that the Alphas are keeping a watchful eye over everything.
My Lynx doesn’t have the proper fit for my Didgeridoo!
The lynxes have been so entranced by the instrument’s sounds that they haven’t noticed that it has fallen off their backs.
We will have this reinstalled as soon as possible.
I noticed a hue shift in my AJ Opalescent Genie Vest.
This opalescent genie vest seems to have faded in the wash.
This item can be returned to its original coloration with the help of Hugh the raccoon.

Accounting Processes That Are Totally Automatic

Many bot accounts have been seen attempting to overwhelm AJHQ’s server infrastructure recently. Some persons with a malicious intent create these accounts to frustrate other gamers. You could have noticed these accounts popping up everywhere and wondered, “Can the bots harm my account?” In a nutshell, no, those accounts pose no threat to your account or its data, albeit they can be bothersome. If you follow these steps, you should have less trouble with the automated accounts:

Use a strong password and make sure to follow all of the rules.

To prevent bots from bothering you, it is recommended that you turn off the ability to make friends, trade items, and send messages (or restrict these features to friends only).

Use the in-game reporting features available on other accounts’ player cards to let the developers know about any questionable conduct.

Do not stop having a good time throughout your customary playtime.




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