Outdoor Cat Houses

Updated on October 30, 2022

Due to cats’ preference for outdoor living, purchasing an outdoor cat housing is a safe bet.
Your cat will absolutely benefit from an outside cat housing, as cats naturally like to live in the great outdoors. Instead of building your own outdoor cat house from scratch, why not choose one of Amazon’s tried-and-true models?

You may spice up these cat houses by adding an extra outdoor cat bed and other outdoor cat furnishings. If you have room in your yard, you can also install an outdoor cat run.

PETYELLA Heated Cat House for Outdoor Cats


When it comes to outdoor cat shelters, PETYELLA is the definition of “cute.” The present design is a weatherproof outdoor shelter for cats and dogs up to 25 pounds. Cats that spend more time outside than in would love this outdoor cat housing. Our feline friends need safe, warm places to sleep at all times, but especially during the winter months when the weather can drop to dangerously low levels.

Customer reviews say:

If you’re concerned about wild cats who really want to come inside your house when it’s raining or too cold, this is an excellent outside cat shelter. If you’re having trouble getting your cat to come inside, try taking out the cat flap temporarily to see if it helps.
Two entrances are a big plus, as owners know strays won’t use it if they can’t get out quickly if they do decide to enter. Cats of all breeds would benefit from this advice, as felines typically avoid situations where they can become trapped. This is when their “hunting” persona enters the picture.
The cat condo may be set up in either an indoor or outdoor setting, and its assembly and installation are a breeze.

K&H Pet Product Outdoor Kitty House


There are two versions of the K&H Pet Product Outdoor Kitty House: a heated model (which is what we’d recommend) and an unheated model for those who live in warmer climates or who don’t feel the need for heating. This is the smallest and cosiest layout option. The heated bed that comes with one version of the house covers every location and will make the entire house pleasant for both house cats and feral cats, while the subdued and neutral colours are ideal for the outdoors.

The heated bed has a 5.5-foot cord, so with some imagination and an appropriate extension cord, you can easily ice-proof and waterproof the line and the socket. Make use of the heated variant to deal with severe cold with ease. The home’s front and back doors are detachable, so you can put it in your garage, on your porch, or anyplace else you wish. Cost-effective, especially for those who share your passion for tending to stray cats.

Customer reviews say:

Many buyers are pleased with the high quality and ease of use of this heated cat housing. In addition to purchasing the basic outdoor cat housing, several buyers also purchased the optional heated pad. The ways in which people use outdoor cat shelters like this one to house feral cats or neighbourhood cats is an area of special interest. Providing a safe haven for feral cats will speed up the process of earning their confidence. Feral cats can be pinned in place with the help of the heated pad because they appreciate the warmth so much. Favorable for those who simply cannot get enough of the adorableness that is stray cats.
Cat owners report that their feline companions are coming inside for winter cuddles with full bellies, proving that the heating pad is doing its job. This is a fantastic method for keeping felines warm and cosy even on the coldest of evenings.

Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor Cats


Outback If you have a domestic cat and don’t want it to socialise with strays or other neighbourhood cats, Jack’s Outdoor Cat Enclosure is the way to go. It’s common knowledge that domestic cats frequently engage in fights with neighbourhood cats; an outdoor enclosure can help prevent these conflicts by keeping other cats out of your cat’s territory. If you have a cat and want to see it playing outside, but don’t want to disturb the neighbours, this enclosure is for you. A more ideal tent for cats to play in could not be found. Space in the cage is measured at 30 square feet. This tent isn’t only for guinea pigs and ferrets, but; it can be used for a variety of small creatures. Step inside, where there’s plenty room, and enjoy some time with your critter pals.

Customer reviews say:

The clever design of this outdoor enclosure allows you to point the chute out the nearest window, giving your cat the illusion that it is escaping to the wide outdoors while remaining safely within. This adaptable enclosure makes dealing with the outside a breeze.
Some customers have tried tying multiple tents of different brands together without success. The zippers on this enclosure are not compatible with those on any other enclosures. If you’re thinking of building your own enclosure network, keep this in mind. Commonly, this is done to provide cats more enclosed space to romp and play. Duct tape (a lot of it) is your best bet if you want to join chutes together.
A single end of the chute/tunnel was attached, the user stressed. If one doorway is too small, you may always turn the tent around and use the other entrance. If there were any issues with the entrance tunnel fitting, they should now be resolved.
Another buyer commented that their cat weighs less than 15 pounds and would fit comfortably in this tent. It should be adequate for multiple average-sized cats at once, unless you have many adult Maine Coons. Buying multiple tents at once and setting them up next to each other is a good idea if you anticipate a large crowd.


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