What is the name of the bird from twitter’s logo?

Updated on November 8, 2022

Even though Twitter’s iconic bird logo has been around since the service’s inception in 2006, some users may be unaware of it. Its mascot was none other than Larry Bird, who, in the final week of his career, led the Boston Celtics to victory at the ESPY Awards in Mumbai. Bird won the award for best professional basketball player in 2004. Most people are surprised to learn that Stone, a Twitter employee, is neither from the Big Apple or the Bay Area.

So why is a bird the emblem for Twitter?


The bird is a metaphor for the independence and potential of microblogs. Microblog posts can be sent as swiftly as a hummingbird can fly. Quick notes are flying in like a flock of birds.

Tweeting about which bird?


One of the most well-known Twitter icon identities, the blue bird, symbolises Twitter’s origins as a platform for conventional means of communication and status updates.

Does anyone know the bird’s official Twitter handle?
In this case, “Larry Bird” would be the appropriate response. Larry Bird is the name of the bird that appears in the Twitter logo.

What’s up with the Twitter bird’s lack of colour?


It’s clear that Twitter’s blue bird is against the United States, since it’s depicted in black against protest patterns on social networks in response to the election of Donald Trump.

Twitter’s avian icon: where’s the bird?


To tweet the Twitter bird icon, simply write [CHIRPBIRDICON] into the tweet box. The emphasis on the single word’s meaning indicates nothing more than an increase in entertainment value.

I was wondering if a bird Emoji existed on Twitter.


Twemoji 2.0’s Bird emoji looks like this. It could look different on various devices. In December of 2016, TW2 made its debut.

I’m confused; does the Twitter bird have a blue or white background?
Twitter is an online social networking service that enables its users to communicate with one another through the dissemination of brief messages (called “tweets”) via direct communications and internal reporting mechanisms maintained by Twitter itself. Not understanding why Twitter uses its own pattern database for styling email templates when it presents a chance for Python developers.

Can you tell me the Twitter handle for the blue bird?


Twitter’s original name was Larry, after the legendary basketball star Larry Bird. Until recently, it was assumed that Twitter’s logo was simply named in jest in honour of NBA legend Larry Bird. Twitter worker Ryan Sarver tweeted about this on Wednesday, which is when it first became public knowledge.

If Twitter were a bird, why would it be blue?


In 2006, the man first began selling his illustrations online, and the blue bird was only one of several. On his site, you can buy this illustration for $15, and it only costs $11 right now.

The Twitter bird: what does it look like?


The Black-naped Monarch is the closest living relative of the black-naped blue flycatcher and the black-naped blue butterfly.

Could it be that the Twitter bird has finally died out?
San Francisco Zoo staff disagree with this theory and instead think it’s of a flightless passerine, all of which died today, despite the fact that some robust penguins do survive the breeding season.

When explaining Twitter’s logo, why do birds play such an important role?


Embezzlement sounds a lot like Twitter, which has long been associated with savvy people. The bird represents flight, freedom, and infinity. Not only is success the end goal, but it’s also not dissimilar to stealing money.

The bird that tweets: “Larry Bird?”


Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone has said that the company’s white Larry the Bird logo, which he calls “Twitter’s Larry Bird,” is a tribute to the NBA legend Larry Bird.

Is there any copyright on the Twitter bird?
Twitter, Tweet, Retweet, and the Twitter bird logo are trademarks and service marks of Twitter Inc. or its affiliates, and the following copyrights disclaimer must appear in any written or graphic content that features the Twitter trademarked emblem.

Where did the idea for the Twitter logo come from?


Larry Bird was clearly inspired by the name of this fantastically shaped bird predator. Co-creator of Twitter Biz Stone has stated that the logo was inspired by the great basketball player. The Boston Celtics and Larry Bird, the man who designed the Twitter logo all those years ago, are symbols of Stone, a Boston native.

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