Updated on April 16, 2023

The best dog food, in a perfect world, would be nutritious for both the dog and its human companion. For owners, the ideal dog food is one that promotes good health and is easy to prepare and serve. At the same time, a dog’s ideal diet will provide them with all the nutrients they require, be simple for them to digest, include no dangerous substances, and be irresistibly tasty. Your dog’s health, demeanour, and happiness will all improve if they are fed full and balanced dog food.

A balanced diet for dogs should include not just meat, but also some fruit and vegetables, as dogs are not rigid carnivores.

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However, there are countless types and flavours of food available, from raw to fresh to kibble to canned. It can be challenging to determine which option is best for your dog among the many available.

What makes Pure Pet Food’s individualised plans one of the best diets for dogs, and what to look for when purchasing dog food, are detailed below.

To what do you attribute the highest quality dog food?

The term “complete” should be used to describe the greatest dog food. That’s because it contains the ideal balance of nutrients for your dog’s needs.


Whole, natural, minimally processed products are ideal for a dog’s diet, just as they are for humans.

In spite of starting with the healthiest components possible, excessive processing may destroy any beneficial properties they might have had to provide in the first place. Extrusion, one of the hazardous processes used to create kibble, destroys nutrients, including amino acids, rendering them useless to your dog’s body.

The high heat and pressures needed to produce our food can also cause hazardous chemical reactions.

Natural food, on the other hand, is better for your dog’s digestive system, allowing them to better absorb the nutrients in their food, while also reducing the frequency and severity of stomach issues and enhancing the quality of their faeces.

Your dog will be healthier and have better absorption and utilisation of the nutrients in their food if it is made from natural ingredients and not subjected to harsh processing.


Meats like “lamb,” “beef,” and “chicken” that you recognise are used in the best dog chow. When a specific cut of meat from a certain animal is listed as an ingredient, you may rest assured that it is really an entire piece of meat.

For these and other reasons, our individualised diets are the top dog food choices.

The benefits of our individualised plans as a dog’s food source
Unfortunately, some companies who produce pet food avoid being specific and instead use phrases like “animal derivatives” in their ingredient lists. They don’t have to utilise specified animals or body parts according to their own labels, so you never know what’s in the packing and they can use whatever is cheapest at the time.

In addition, the usage of derivatives allows the maker to make use of any part of the animal that would otherwise be wasted since it is not fit for human food. That means your pet isn’t eating genuine meat that may be sold to humans. Instead, your dog could be chowing down on anything from bones to feathers to internal organs to scales to the contents of other animals’ stomachs to their own feet.

In order to improve the protein content of food at a low cost, these components are heated to high degrees and pulverised into a powder. But their nutritional value is just as hazy as their substances.

Even items labelled “with chicken” only require 4% chicken to be cleared, so if your dog has an intolerance or allergy, you may be in for a world of hurt. Multiple types of protein and other additives are still acceptable. Similarly, the term “cereals” is intentionally broad so that producers can utilise any grains they have on hand.

The best dog food won’t have components that can cause confusion, and it won’t have labels that aren’t clear. Instead, there will be simple, familiar elements.


You can have all-natural components in your meal, but it won’t do you any good if you also load it up with artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Your dog’s dinner from Pure Pet Food will never include any artificial preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners.


It’s crucial that your dog appreciates the food they’re given, but a nutritious diet and good quality components are also crucial. Dogs need a diet that they enjoy eating so they get the calories and nutrients they need, according to the research on canine nutrition.

Kibble and other pet foods are sprayed with animal fat and sometimes have extra sweets to increase their attractiveness to pets. This obviously raises the calorie and fat content of the food, which may increase the risk of weight gain and other problems.

Meanwhile, we at Pure maintain that healthy fare should not sacrifice flavour for appearance. When we say there are no artificial flavours or preservatives, we mean it.

We rely instead on some naturally delicious components that stand on their own as deliciousness. Moreover, even the “fussy” dogs are licking their bowls clean at dinnertime, so clearly it’s satisfying to them.

Why a custom diet is the healthiest option for your dog.

Complete dog food is the basis for the finest balanced dog diet, but it may not be sufficient if your dog has a preexisting medical problem, allergy, or intolerance.

Dog owners still have to put in the time and effort to determine whether or not their pet’s diet needs to be modified in terms of portion size or the inclusion or exclusion of certain ingredients or nutrients, and this is true regardless of the level of physical activity their dog engages in.

K-9 Nutrition: Why Our Customized Plans Win Out Over the Competition

Because all of our food is nutritionally complete and packed with natural goodness, like the best balanced diets for dogs, Pure’s individualised plans are fantastic for your dog.

Our mission is to produce nutritious, trustworthy food for canine companions. However, since every dog is unique, there is no way to create a universally optimal balanced diet for canines. Because of this, we personalise your dog’s recipe to make sure it’s perfect for them. If your dog has unique dietary needs because of an allergy or illness, a personalised diet may be the best option.

Your dog’s specific dietary requirements will be taken into account while preparing the recipe you receive. That way, you know your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs, in the appropriate amounts, at just the right serving sizes, to stay as happy and healthy as possible.

The benefits of giving your dog a special diet

The benefits of giving your dog a special diet
The importance of custom serving sizes is virtually on par with the quality of the ingredients themselves. Dog owners don’t intentionally over or underfeed their pets, but it’s a hassle to measure food and figure out calorie needs. More than half of dogs in the United Kingdom are overweight or obese, so it’s more crucial than ever to make sure they’re getting the correct amount to eat.

And there is no doubt that the individualised strategy is productive. Hundreds of satisfied customers have told us their pets are healthier and happier since switching to Pure. In addition, 94% of pet owners report that their dog’s health has improved since starting on Pure.


We enquire about your dog’s habits, age, and health before taking an order for food. We consider these factors while formulating the optimal recipe and serving size for your dog’s health and happiness.

Best Dog Food: Individualized Menus

Top-Rated Dog Food: Individualized Menus
On the other hand, we don’t believe our nutritional components alone make Pure a top-tier balanced dog food. We are committed to producing the finest dog food for all breeds of dog, and we strive to embody the same qualities of health and vitality that our products provide. Our fantastic customer service team and in-house nutritionists are here to answer any and all queries you may have, whether they pertain to a specific ingredient or are more general in nature.

Since we’re all dog owners, we understand how important it is to take care of your pet’s health. In order to ensure healthier, happier canine lives, we produce only 100% natural dog food.

Tell us about your dog, and we’ll bring back precisely measured, individually packaged dog food that’s as wholesome and appetising as your dog is, proving why Pure is among the best diets for dogs.

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