Assurance Package 2024: What is Assurance Package Payout? Eligibility, Amount, Payment Dates{2024}

Updated on April 6, 2024

Assurance Package 2024: What is Assurance Package Payout? Eligibility, Amount, Payment Dates{2024}

Feel free to check out this post for the latest details on the 2024 Assurance Package. It covers everything you need to know about the Assurance Package Payout, including eligibility, amount, and payment dates.

Assurance Package 2024

Great news for almost 2 million Singaporeans in February 2024! If you’re 55 or older, or under 20, you’ll receive a $150 Assurance Package (AP) MediSave. Qualified seniors can also enjoy a $300 AP Seniors’ Bonus. This initiative highlights the government’s commitment to easing financial burdens, particularly for lower- and middle-class residents. The package is crucial for ensuring the financial stability and well-being of Singaporeans, especially those in lower income groups, providing both immediate and long-term support.

What is Assurance Package Payout?

To help Singaporeans cope with the increased Goods and Services Tax (GST) and rising living costs, the Singaporean government introduced the Assurance Package. This comprehensive package includes MediSave top-ups, cash payments, refunds, and vouchers from the Community Development Council (CDC). It aims to provide practical support to citizens facing the challenges of higher GST rates and the overall cost of living.

The Assurance Package covers various aspects, including:

  1. MediSave Top-ups: Providing extra funds to individual MediSave accounts to ease the burden of medical expenses.
  2. Cash Payouts: Offering direct cash transfers to eligible Singaporeans for immediate financial relief.
  3. Utility Rebates: Cutting down on home expenses by providing rebates on utility bills.
  4. Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers: Supporting local businesses and community engagement by funding essential products and services through these vouchers.

With the Assurance Package (AP), Singaporeans aim to mitigate the impact of the GST rate increase and navigate through a period of escalating prices. The goal is to ensure that individuals can meet their daily needs and maintain their quality of life despite the rising costs of goods and services.

Assurance Package Eligibility

To check if you qualify for the AP Seniors’ Bonus and AP MediSave, simply log in with your Singpass on the official AP website ( Eligibility requires:

  1. Being a Singaporean national.
  2. Residing in Singapore.
  3. Being 21 years or older in 2024.
  4. Having an assessed income under $100,000 for the year of assessment 2022 (income earned in 2021).

Once eligible, beneficiaries will be notified in February 2024. Notifications will be sent via SMS (for those with registered mobile numbers on Singpass) or through the Singpass app inbox.

Assurance Package Amount

Your eligibility determines the cash rewards you receive from the Assurance Package, ranging from S$200 to S$800. The Cost-of-Living Support Package, with a $0.8 billion enhancement to the Assurance Package, has a total government allocation of $1.1 billion.

If you haven’t provided your bank account details, the Assurance Package will either be mailed to you or directly deposited into your bank account. No application is needed to receive this package.

If you haven’t received the Assurance Package and believe you qualify, you can visit the Assurance Package website to check your eligibility and package status. To verify, you’ll need to provide your NRIC number and some personal information.

Assurance Package Payment Dates

Exciting details for the 2024 Assurance Package are yet to be unveiled. However, we can anticipate cash payments, rebates, increased assistance for seniors with lower incomes, MediSave top-ups for seniors and children, and Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers for Singaporean households.

For those with a bank account at participating banks, the Singaporean government encourages linking their NRIC to PayNow by January 26, 2024. According to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), eligible individuals meeting the criteria may start receiving their AP Seniors’ Bonus as early as February 5, 2024.

If your bank account isn’t linked to PayNow-NRIC, you can update your information (with DBS/POSB, OCBC, or UOB) on the AP official website by January 26, 2024, to ensure payment by February 13, 2024.

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