New Zealand Disability Allowance: Eligibility and Amount for Child, Adult, and Old Age

Updated on March 3, 2024

Make sure to check out this post for all the details on the New Zealand Disability Allowance. It covers eligibility and amounts for children, adults, and the elderly.

NZ Disability Allowance

Living with disabilities brings both physical and financial challenges, making the situation tough. The NZ Disability Allowance provides a weekly payout to help cover regular expenses related to disabilities, such as prescription drugs, hospital stays, medical appointments, travel, and clothing.

The Ministry of Social Development oversees the New Zealand Disability Program, aiming to provide financial stability for disabled individuals and children. A disability, whether physical, intellectual, or sensory, lasting more than six months and impacting daily tasks, qualifies for support. Mental illness is one example of such a qualifying condition.

Take a moment to read through this post for a comprehensive understanding of the NZ Disability Allowance, including details on eligibility and payout amounts.

Understanding  NZ Disability Allowance

Work and Income provides a helpful form of extra support for ongoing expenses related to disabilities called the Disability Allowance. Anyone eligible for this benefit can apply, and the maximum weekly payout has been set at $65.36.

If you or a family member is facing a disability expected to last at least six months, Work and Income can potentially help cover expenses like regular doctor visits, medications, medical alert wristbands, medical alarms, and travel. Eligibility for a Disability Allowance doesn’t require receiving other benefits.

To determine eligibility, Work and Income will ask your doctor to complete a Disability Certificate form, detailing your medical condition(s) and associated expenses.

Child, Adult, and Old Age Disability Allowance Amount

Once Work and Income verifies your expenses, they’ll calculate a weekly amount, often done by dividing the yearly total by 52 or following your doctor’s advice.

Child Disability Allowance: Eligible children receive a fixed weekly amount of $56.60, irrespective of earnings, possessions, or expenses. Primary caregivers of children with significant impairments receive this payment every two weeks.

Adult and Old Age Disability Allowance:

Work and Income authorities pay the Disability Allowance up to a weekly limit of $75.10, tax-free. The amount is determined by the extra expenses incurred due to your impairment. The allowance, along with other government payments, is usually directly deposited into your bank account, either weekly or every two weeks based on your pay schedule. The sum you receive depends on your circumstances and the additional expenses arising from your impairment, and it is not subject to taxation.

NZ Disability Allowance Eligibility

The Disability Allowance is subject to income testing, meaning you can only qualify if your income falls below a specific threshold. The threshold varies based on the size of your household.

You may qualify for the Disability Allowance if:

  • You have a disability expected to last at least six months.
  • You incur recurring expenses due to your disability that aren’t fully covered by other funding sources.
  • You are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident intending to stay in the country.
  • The income levels of both you and your spouse play a role.

If you have a financially dependent child aged 18 or younger, you can apply on their behalf. It’s possible to receive both the Child Disability Allowance and the Disability Allowance for the same child.

If you’re blind, there’s no income limit for the Disability Allowance. Additionally, if Work and Income deems you “severely disabled,” they have the option to waive the income limit through the “income exemption.”

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