Stunning Summertime Dog Walks in 15 Locations

Updated on April 16, 2023

Popular for its picturesque scenery, Somerset is perfect for relaxing strolls thanks to its relatively flat and open terrain. While much of this vast country consists of rural areas, it does have many attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

It’s likely that cider, cheddar, or the Glastonbury Festival would come to mind if you were asked to recall Somerset. All well-known and widely adored, but by no means are they the sole attractions in this county.

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By taking one of these fifteen dog-friendly hikes in Somerset, you and your furry friend may see some of the places that provided the backdrop for the Arthurian legends.

Always keep in mind the rural code and dog-walking etiquette when taking your dog for a stroll. Be respectful of others’ property, remove your own trash, and restore any environment to its original state.



If you were to make a list of hikes in Somerset, you couldn’t possibly leave out the option to explore one of England’s most recognisable natural settings. The caverns here have been used for cheese ageing for years, helping to make this canyon, the largest in Britain, famous. The oldest human remains discovered in Britain were also located in these caverns.

Keep your dog on a leash when exploring the gorge; there are many caverns and dangerous drops. We are confident that they will enjoy the opportunity to spend a few hours outdoors, trekking over terrain that will be both challenging and exhausting. (That goes out to the human race, too!)

After your adventure, make a pit stop in Cheddar to stretch your legs and take in the sights of this quaint town. Cafe Gorge, Lion Rocks Tea Room, and The Mousehole are three of the many cafes and tea shops in the area that welcome furry friends. The Cheddar Paws Bakery is worth the trip to Cheddar on its own. Obviously, it’s a cafe and bakery that welcomes dogs, and you and your pet could easily spend hours there.

Distance Walked: 4.1 Miles (6.4 Kilometers)
Level of Difficulty: Middle
National Trust Headquarters as the Point of Departure
Forested, hilly, traillike, and uneven ground.
Free No Parking
The Cliffs, Cheddar, Somerset; Postal Address:


Connecting the Coleridge Way and the England Coast Path, the Castles & Coasts Way winds its way through this peaceful corner of Somerset. It is possible to walk the entire thing in a single day, or to just a portion of it in a shorter circuit. You and your dog will enjoy this stroll in Somerset County very much.

You and Fido may take a long walk from the ruins of Nether Stowey Castle all the way to the coast and back via Stogursey Castle. Also, there are many different kinds of wildlife to observe. You’ll also drive through Coleridge’s cottage, a must-see for any readers out there.

There will be lots of chances for you and your dog to stop along the way as you travel through various cities and towns. The Castle Inn in Nether Stowey and the Greyhound Inn in Stogursey are two examples of pet-friendly accommodations in the area.

Time Required: 21Km
Level of Difficulty: Middle
Nether Stowey Castle is the starting point.
Varying degrees of flatness, inclines, pathways, and fields
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Castle Hill, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater TA5 1NB


Several safe dog parks can be found in Somerset, so don’t worry if your dog needs to stay on a leash at all times. Houndsville is a great option because it features 3.5 acres of fenced-in fields that are exclusively for canine use.

Everything you and your dog need for a fun and stimulating stroll is right there. There is a pond for dogs to swim in, a picnic area, doggy showers, and towels for drying off.

You may either plan a trip for a large party or book the entire place for yourself at pricing that won’t break the bank. There won’t be any rabbits or other animals to distract you, and your dog won’t be able to escape, because of the rabbit-proof fencing. Also, because you have the option to reserve the entire facility, you and your dog will not be disturbed during your walk or training session. It’s a great place to take your dog for a walk, work on your training, and boost both of your self-esteems.

Duration of strolls is flexible within the confines of the booking.
I would rate the difficulty as low.
The Front Door, as the Point of Origin
Varying degrees of flatness, inclines, pathways, and fields
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Postal Code: TA21 9PW Address: Monument Road, Wellington


The grounds of this historic castle in Somerset make for a beautiful setting for a leisurely stroll with your canine companion, what with the surrounding forest and majestic structure. You and your dog are welcome to roam the bowling green built on the location of the original castle, as well as the rest of the grounds surrounding the surviving country house. This encompasses the vast parkland, picturesque river garden, and distinctly Mediterranean-style south terrace.

The castle has many amenities for visitors, such as a gift store and tea parlour. Outside of the tea room and the castle, canines are welcome anywhere. On your walk with your pet, you can stop by the working watermill.

Start your stroll in the charming village of Dunster, where you can explore the many shops, pubs, and tea houses before continuing on to the nearby castle and grounds. You can take your dog to the Chapel House tea room, as well as the Foresters Arms and Stags Head Inn.

Distance of a 2.5k Walk
I would rate the difficulty as low.
Assume that you are in Dunster as your starting point. Sloped parking lot
Paths, flat, gardens, parks, and woods make up the landscape.
No, parking is not free.

  • Address: Dunster Steep car park, Dunster, Somerset, TA24 6AS


Several walks, including this one, set out from the picturesque town of Chard, situated not far from Somerset’s border with Devon. Along this trip, you’ll see some of the stunning landscape that makes the Blackdown Hills, which straddle Somerset and Devon, an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Most of this hike is on off-leash trails like footpaths and bridleways, so your dog will have plenty of opportunities to run about. Make sure your dog is under control or that you can quickly reattach the leash if necessary because there are a few spots along peaceful country lanes and around cattle.

Aside from that, it’s a classic stroll through the countryside, with plenty of open fields, gentle hills, and scenic vistas.

Distance of 8 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Middle
Beginning Location: Chard’s Bustling Downtown
Pathways, fields, hills, and trails
No, parking is not free.
Place of Business: Bath Street, Chard, TA20 2ET



Take a loop through Horner Wood to see a portion of one of the country’s oldest and largest forests. The forests here look more like they belong in a fantasy novel or a fairytale than they do on a regular dog walk, making this one of the most magical spots you can visit. However, there are no leash laws in place, so you and your canine friend are free to explore the forest.

Near the Horner Tea Gardens, a charming cafe serving refreshments and light lunches, you’ll find public restrooms accessible to those with dogs. If you need more options for refuelling, you can always take a short drive to one of the surrounding communities. The Ship Inn, one of numerous excellent bars in Porlock, is pet-friendly and has excellent food.

You and your dog can go on a lengthy walk from here and discover the woods or ascend the county’s highest point, Dunkery Beacon, both of which are on the list of great dog walks in Somerset.

A 4.8 kilometre stroll is a good option.
I would rate the difficulty as low.
Parking lot at Forest Gate, our point of departure
Types of terrain include: level ground, inclines, declines, wooded areas, and paved paths
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Holnicote Estate, Selworthy, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 8TJ.


Despite the amusing moniker, this wooded area is stunning and would make a wonderful location for a family outing or a relaxing stroll with the dog.

The hike itself isn’t that lengthy, but you can take as many side trips as you wish if you want to. The largest tree in the country, the 197-foot-tall Douglas Fir, is located within this short walk. It’s a tad larger than a standard holiday tree.

You can drive to the Lion Inn, a family- and dog-friendly pub by the A396 if you haven’t taken a picnic. Following your walk, you and your dog could refuel at the Chapel Tea Rooms in Dunster. Every one of the places and sights of interest in Dunster that were highlighted in the Dunster Castle stroll is open to the public.

Distance Covered by Foot: 1.5 Kilometers
I would rate the difficulty as low.
Parking Lot/Entrance As The First Stop
Habitat: wooded areas with paths, inclines, and uneven ground
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Nutcombe Bottom, West Somerset, TA24 6TA.


Prior’s Wood in Somerset is a stunning nature reserve that was formerly a part of a massive estate and is perfect for a relaxing stroll through the woods with your dog. Bluebell displays across the woodland floor in late spring are a major draw for visitors. To prevent them from scaring the native animals, your dog must stay leashed while in the reserve.

Walking along any of the forest’s many paths will reward you with a breathtaking panorama of the Gordano Valley, stretching from Bristol and Wales to the south. This loop will take you from Portbury, through the woods, and out into the meadows, where you can take in the scenery in all its glory.

At the very outset of your tour, you can take in the sight of the historic priory that has stood at the junction of Station Road for centuries. You can even bring your dog into the Priory bar, which is conveniently located on the same street.

Distance of a 7km Walk
I would rate the difficulty as low.
The Priory, Our Point of Departure
Habitat: wooded areas with paths, inclines, and uneven ground
Free In other words, parking is available (on-road)
Place of residence: Station Road, Portbury, Somerset BS20 7TJ



St. Audries bay is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Somerset, yet it is still relatively undiscovered by the general public. Even though the water is often muddy, this beach is great for strolling and rock-pooling and is just a short walk from the campground. This beach in Somerset is one of the more mysterious due to the two waterfalls that cascade down the cliffs behind the sandy and pebbly sea.

Your dog will have a great time at this dog-friendly and relatively peaceful beach, where he or she may run and play without fear of being chased away.

The trailhead to the bay is located within the vacation park, where parking is also available. Here you’ll find a park store where you can pick up some snacks and drinks for your picnic by the beach, as well as use the restrooms.

Length of Walk: Depending on Your Mood
I would rate the difficulty as low.
St. Audries Bay Recreation Area, Our First Stop
Slopes, trails, beaches, shingle, and sand make up the various types of terrain.
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
West Quantoxhead, Somerset TA4 4DY, St. Audries Bay Holiday Club


If you and your dog take a stroll to Tarr Steps, you can spend some time exploring the beautiful forest along the Barle River before crossing the historic and recognisable bridge. Built over a century ago from hundreds of massive stone slabs, each of which weighs over a tonne, this bridge is the largest clapper bridge in existence. Exmoor’s stunning moorland, together with the surrounding woodlands and crystal clear river, are all accessible on this long, looping hike.

In contrast to the shorter path that follows the orange markers along the river and across the clapper bridge, this longer route will offer you and your dog plenty of time to take in the sights, listen to the birds, and sniff out the local species.

During this all-day hike, make sure to take advantage of the car park restrooms and the shops, restaurants, and cafes in nearby Dulverton and Tarr Steps.

Distance of 20 kilometres on Foot
Level of Difficulty: Middle
Beginning Location: Park Visitor Center
Different types of terrain including: level ground, inclines, trails, and forest
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Dulverton Postal Code: TA22 9EX Address: 7-9 Fore Street


On a beautiful day, nothing beats a stroll along the ocean. You and Fido are sure to be in a good mood after a stroll along the Yeo’s tranquil waters. In particular, your dog, who, at the end of this dog walk in Somerset, will no doubt enjoy a refreshing dip in the river.

While a point-to-point hike from Mudford is possible, we recommend the circular hike from Cheddar that includes stops at the Cheddar Gorge hike (mentioned above) and the Cheddar Paws Bakery (mentioned below).

This path is ideal for you and your dog if you like strolling through peaceful, gorgeous countryside. Enjoying a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding farmland and the Mendip Hills.

Distance of 8 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Middle
The Market Is Where We Begin Varying Ground: Stairs, Hills, Plains, and Tracks
No, parking is not free.
Cheddar Union Street BS27 3NA.


In Somerset, dog owners have their pick of two beaches: Berrow North and Berrow South, both of which are open to canines all year round. You may let your dog run wild and get some much-needed exercise on the beach, as Berrow is the second-longest stretch of sand in Europe. On the south beach, you can find the remains of a ship that ran aground in the 19th century.

The only rule is to stay off the beach while the tide is out, as the mudflats will be exposed and unwary walkers will be trapped in the sinking sand. In light of this, please read the beach signs carefully. This, however, does not seem to deter its popularity, as evidenced by the abundance of dogs and their owners out enjoying the area.

Brean, a nearby town, has several establishments that welcome dogs, as well as a dog-friendly beach. You may easily grab a snack from ice cream trucks or other vendors selling food in the town parking lot and enjoy it while walking your dog if you park in the centre of town. After a long walk, you and your dog deserve a break at the COAST cafe, where your pet can choose from the excellent pet menu and relax under a blanket while you eat.

Length of Walk: Depending on Your Mood
I would rate the difficulty as low.
Parked Cars as the Starting Point
Level ground, sandy or muddy areas, and beaches make up the terrain.
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Postal Code: TA8 2LW Location: Berrow Beach, Berrow, Burnham-on-Sea



Dunkery Beacon, a series of hills topped with bronze age barrows, is Exmoor and Somerset’s highest point. The open, craggy environment and deep history of this stunning moorland make it ideal for long hikes with your dog. From the top, you have sweeping vistas of Dartmoor and all the way to Devon.

This scenic loop will take you and Fido through the same landscape that so moved poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and you’ll even get to check out a stretch of the Coleridge Way, a long-distance trail that winds through Exmoor.

Keep an eye out for dirt, and if your dog likes to splash about in water, bring a towel from the car. This walk begins near several creeks. Once you reach the top of the hill, return to Wheddon Cross for a break and some refreshments. The area around Dunkery Gate is great for picnics, with scenic vistas of the moor and the beacon.

Six Kilometers is the Average Walking Distance
Level of Difficulty: Middle
Park in the Dunkery Gate garage as your starting point.
Trails, hills, farms, and other forms of uneven terrain.
Parking is free, so that’s a good thing.
Mailing Address: Cutcombe, Minehead, TA24 7AT


Glastonbury Tor, the most well-known site in Somerset, should naturally be included on any recommended walking routes in the county. The festival has brought international attention to the Tor, but the site itself has a rich history that includes myth, spirituality, and a rich and varied historical record.

You can see the famous tower up close from the top of the tor, but you’ll also get breathtaking views of the Somerset hills, the surrounding counties, and even Wales if you make the ascent. In spite of the elevation gain, the path is flat and comfortable to walk on. On the flat terrain, your dog can gallop up the hill for some fantastic exercise while you enjoy some leash-free time together.

The town of Glastonbury is fantastic for trips with dogs because of its welcoming atmosphere. There are many of pubs, cafes, and stores in town that are dog-friendly, so you and your furry companion may stop for a rest and some refreshments throughout your outing.

A 4.1 kilometre stroll is a good option.
Hardness: Low to Medium
Point of Departure: Centralized Resource Center
Hilly ground, a rocky path, or flat ground
Free There is no guaranteed parking and you will have to find a spot in town.
Glastonbury Post Office Box 680BG


Kelston, located just outside of Bath, has long been a favourite destination for hikers thanks to the many trails that converge there and the beautiful scenery in the area.

Views of the Wiltshire Downs, Bath, and Bristol can be seen from the top of the hill, making the ascent worthwhile. If the weather is right, you and your dog can see as far as the Severn bridges and even across to Wales.

A long, circular hike from the Blue Soft Cheese farm will take you to the top of the hill. The farm’s cafe has designated seating for dog walkers, so you may relax there before or after your stroll. Try some of the local artisan cheese that was made right there using milk from the herd. The village is a great place to start a hike and to stop for refreshments at the quaint Old Crown Inn.

The 3.2km walk will take about an hour and a half.
Level of Difficulty: Middle
First, We Use Blue Soft Cheese Co
Hilly, trail-like, and even offering free parking
The mailing address is Park Farm Cottage, Kelston, Bath, BA1 9AG.

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