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Suffolk, one of England’s most picturesque counties, is the farthest point east on the island of Great Britain. There are a few modest hills to the west, but the area is generally flat. To the east is a gradual decline to the coast and the North Sea, with fertile farmland and marsh areas in between. Get some exercise and fresh air while taking your dog for a stroll in this scenic area. Here are 15 of the best dog-friendly hikes in Suffolk, just for you and Fido.

Suffolk is home to numerous famous landmarks and attractions. Newmarket is a must-see for any equestrian or racing fan. The city is known as the birthplace of horse racing and is home to thousands of thoroughbreds.

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Meanwhile, art lovers will appreciate a trip to Constable County for the opportunity to see the landscapes that served as inspiration for painter John Constable. Those interested in literature can also take a stroll along the river that inspired George Orwell’s nom de plume.

The good news is that you can see all of this and more on your dog walks in Suffolk, since there are many wonderful walking paths around these famous sites, as well as some hidden gems.



The beautiful landscapes of England’s “Constable Country” were captured forever by the great landscape artist. Anyone interested in seeing some of the places that inspired and were depicted in paintings by John Constable should take this trip.

Even though it begins in Essex, this is one of the most scenic dog walks in all of Suffolk, and it’s easy enough that dogs of all ages and abilities may enjoy it. Detours to the nearby town of Dedham are possible, as is a connection to our favourite dog walk in Essex, which takes place in the county’s scenic vale.

Since the trek begins at the Manningtree station, which is on the other side of the border, it is doable even if you don’t have a car. You and your four-legged friend are welcome at the dog-friendly Flatford Mill, where you can rest and refuel with a cup of tea before continuing your trek across the countryside.

You can choose between an 11.2-mile or 6.4-mile walk.
Moderate in Difficulty
Place of Departure: Manningtree Station
Surface: level ground, fields, gravel, and inclines
No, there is no free parking.
The address is: Lawford, Manningtree, CO11 2LE.


This loop takes you via Clare and Cavendish, two towns that are both historical and visual treats in their own right. There are still many of the town’s Medieval wool buildings standing in Clare. Meanwhile, the village of Cavendish is often considered as one of the county’s most picturesque and truly English settlements.

However, the majority of your walk will be spent outside of these quaint communities, in the fertile arable land and beautiful scenery of the Stour Valley, where your dog is free to go around without restriction. Remember to leash them up before passing any fields that may contain livestock.

When travelling through these little towns, be sure to stop in at some of the unique cafes and pubs along the way, including Clare’s Cafe Clare or Cavendish’s Five Bells. Clare is a designated walkers town, and there are many fantastic walks in the area, including in the Castle Country Park, that you can enjoy during your stay or on a day trip.

Duration of Walk: 11.5 kilometres
Moderate in Difficulty
The Clare Castle Country Park Parking Lot is the Starting Point.
Paths, flat, trails, even slopes, even incline
Free No Parking
Clare, Sudbury, CO10 8NW Address: 1 Malting Lane


Nowton Park in Suffolk is a wonderful place to take your dog for a walk and enjoy the outdoors all day long thanks to its expansive planted grounds.

There’s a lot to see and do at this park, from the enormous play area to the sports fields designed to look like oak trees. The arboretum is a great place to go for a stroll if you’re looking for peace and quiet amongst some of the world’s most interesting trees. One of the park’s most breathtaking vistas is the lime avenue, which is at its best in the spring when over a hundred thousand daffodils bloom among the trees.

Bury St. Edmunds is home to a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other services, many of which welcome dogs (just keep an eye out for the “paw sticker”). However, you won’t have trouble finding places to dine and shop that welcome dogs.

The adjacent West Stow Country Park is a better option if you’re seeking for untamed, undeveloped land. Remember, canines must also be leashed when in that area. In any case, Bury St. Edmunds is a great place to take your dog for a stroll.

Walking Time: Flexible to Fit Your Needs
The level of difficulty is low.
Entryway/Metro Station as Point of Origin
Paths, paths, and even ground are the terrain type you can expect to encounter.
No, there is no free parking.
Nowton, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 5LU, Bury Road


It would take several days of walking to see everything along the Waverley Valley Walk. However, there are a number of shorter hikes that allow you to experience the route and its surroundings. Take your dog on a trip in Somerleyton, Suffolk, and see some of the area’s famous sights, including the historic Somerleyton Hall.

The majority of the walk takes place on gently rolling farm tracks and quiet country lanes, but there are a few brief patches when you’ll need to walk beside a road. However, there are many places where you can let your dog off the leash to run about and play.

The Duke’s Head in Somerleyton welcomes canine companions, and if you need a rest stop along the way, you’ll come across The Village Maid in Lound.

Distance of an 11-and-a-half-kilometer Walk
Moderately Simple to Perform
Post Office in Somerleyton, Our First Stop
Paths, paths, and even ground are the terrain type you can expect to encounter.
The answer is yes, parking is free.
It is located at The Old Garage, The Street, Somerleyton, Lowestoft, Suffolk. NR32 5PU


When in Suffolk, take Fido on a stroll through history at Sutton Hoo. The ship burial and the Sutton Hoo Helmet made this region, which contains Anglo-Saxon burial places, renowned. The massive 245-acre property is now under the care of the National Trust. You may take your dog on a number of enjoyable walks in the region.

Your dog is welcome to accompany you throughout the entire property, including the store and the tea parlour. High Hall and Tranmar House are the only buildings that do not allow dogs (with the exception of service animals). Make sure to sit in the designated dog-friendly area of the teahouse so that your pet may enjoy a bite from the new pet menu while you enjoy your meal.

Despite the need that dogs be leashed at all times on the property, they won’t mind as much because of the numerous opportunities for exercise and tempting snacks. You can either purchase a new one from the gift store or borrow one from the front desk if you’ve misplaced yours. Your dog can get an off-menu snack, too, because there are complimentary doggy treats at the front desk and the cafe.

Distance Walked: Varies (0.8km to 6km)
The level of difficulty is low.
Entryway/Metro Station as Point of Origin
Trails; level ground; even slopes
The answer is yes, parking is free (But admission fee for entry)
Tranmer House, Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3DJ.


When the abandoned rail line was removed, the resulting trackbed became a walking trail through the woods and fields of the Hadleigh area. The trail is frequented by pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians, yet it is still peaceful enough for a stroll with Fido.

Even if you don’t want to let your dog swim in the creek, they can run about leash-free and investigate everything there is to see.

The walk begins at the abandoned train station and continues down the trackbed for two miles before turning back toward the town. Due to the surface’s uniform flatness, people of all ages and physical capacities can take pleasure in a pleasant stroll. Then you can go into Hadleigh and check out some of the local establishments like The George and The King’s Head.

Distance of a Walk: 7.2Km
The level of difficulty is low.
The parking lot on Magdalen Road
Trails; level; even; sloping; meadows; other terrain
The answer is yes, parking is free.
Hadleigh, Magdalen Road, Ipswich, IP7 5BB.


In Orwell Country Park, which is located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you and your dog can enjoy a wide variety of scenic strolls. There are wetlands, heath, and ancient forests in this area.

The vast park features a nature preserve and stunning vistas of the estuary of the Orwell River. To let your dog splash around in the river that inspired George Orwell’s nom de plume, take a short walk to Nacton Shores.

The park is conveniently located near Ipswich, where you’ll find numerous services and amenities, such as the charming Greyhound and Lord Nelson pubs and other parks in the area where you can take your dog for a stroll.

Distance of a Walk: 7.2Km
The level of difficulty is low.
Piper’s Vale or the Bridge, Both Good Options Garages made of wood
Forest, heath, meadow, trail, uneven
The answer is yes, parking is free.
Those interested can find the Piper’s Vale parking lot at Sandy Hill, Ipswich, IP3 0ET.



After multiple “UFO sightings” of mysterious lights near the RAF base, this location became known as “the British Roswell,” making it the most well-known UFO occurrence in the country. Even sceptics will enjoy a trip through the woods along the “UFO trail,” which will undoubtedly stir their imaginations as they pass by locations purported to be the sites of the historic encounters.

Your dog, meanwhile, can run around off-leash for hours, sniffing the foliage for signs of alien life (or squirrels, I suppose). For the sake of everyone’s sanity, consider bringing the kids and the dog along to the play area during your stay.

In addition to the lengthier hike via the cycle lanes, there is also a shorter accessible route. There is a tiny mobile cafe and a picnic area, so feel free to bring a lunch along with you on your forest dog walk in Suffolk.

Distance Walkable: 1.2-16Km
Level of Difficulty: Low to Medium
To Begin, Please Park in the Main Parking Garage
Scenic, rocky, and trail-filled woodland
The answer is yes, parking is free (only in the Butley Corner car park)
The address is Tangham, Woodbridge, IP12 3NF.


The beautiful Guildhall in Lavenham serves as the starting point for a hike through the woods where you can take in the town’s attractive timber-fronted, mediaeval structure. You can go to the local forest by heading down the main drag for a while.

This is a good place to do a U-turn and start the Lavenham railway walk. However, we believe that taking your dog for a peaceful stroll through the woods and back to the village is the ideal way to spend some quality time together while exploring the area and looking for insects and other small creatures.

You and your dog will have plenty of time to stop for refreshments in Lavenham, where your walk will begin and end. Pubs like the Greyhound and the Swan welcome four-legged friends.

Total Distance: 2.4 miles
The level of difficulty is low.
The Lavenham Guildhall is the starting point.
Trails; flat, wooded, and level terrain
Free To park, yes
Market Place, Lavenham, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 9QZ


Some of the best dog walks in Suffolk can be found in the lovely Thetford Forest, which stretches out from Thetford and crosses the border into Norfolk. The largest pine forest in the country, taking your dog for a stroll through its gorgeous, towering trees is a great way to spend a few hours.

It’s hard to believe that humans were responsible for creating such a thriving wildlife habitat out of this forest. There are many interesting features in this large forest, such as the fearless Lynford Stag. Workmen discovered this metal “target stag,” which now stands guard over the picnic area.

Depending on where in the forest you go, you may find a wide range of amenities. There are playgrounds, segways, a go ape course, a cafe, and picnic areas at High Lodge. Lynford Stag, on the other hand, contains merely restrooms and a picnic area with barbecues. This means that you can enjoy the woods with any company, whether you’re looking for a quiet stroll or an exciting romp.

Distances from 1.6 to 4.8 kilometres can be walked.
Level of Difficulty: Low to Medium
Trails begin at different locations around the parking lot.
Wilderness with level, even ground and well-maintained pathways.
The answer is yes, parking is free (Except for High Lodge)
Brandon, High Lodge, Thetford Forest, IP27 0AF


Knettishall Heath is a haven for wildlife and one of the few dog-friendly nature reserves in the area. You and your dog will love the wild trek through the heathland and woodland. Your dog will need to be leashed in some areas during nesting season. However, the pine route is leash-free during all seasons for canine visitors. There are numerous routes that are dog-friendly, and you’re free to explore them at your leisure.

And there are Hounds of the Heath that live in the heath. Suffolk Wildlife Trust facilitates this welcoming community organisation. One of the park rangers leads them on regular group dog walks. Just show up on the appointed day, and you and your dog can take part in a friendly stroll, meet new people, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

You’ll find restrooms, but not much else outside that. At the weekends, there’s coffee, and throughout the summer and on school breaks, there’s an ice cream truck.

Distances from 2 to 4 hours and 8 minutes
Moderately Simple to Perform
To Begin, Please Park in the Main Parking Garage
Uneven ground, heath, woods, and trails make up the terrain.
The answer is yes, parking is free.
Postal code: IP22 2TQ Knettishall Heath, Thetford, Suffolk



It can be challenging for modern-day visitors to Dunwich to conceptualise the town’s once-bustling and frequently volatile past. Actually, it’s where “the lost city of England” used to be until the sea reclaimed the once-thriving harbour.

The secluded dog-friendly beach on the Suffolk coast has become a popular destination for peaceful strolls along the coast and across the colourful heathland on the cliffs behind.

Do not abuse the privilege of bringing your dog to this protected area of nature. It’s important to have your dog’s waste picked up and to keep them leashed and under careful supervision around cattle and during the nesting season for birds. (If you need to keep your dog on a leash, there will be signs indicating so.)

In exchange, you and your dog can enjoy the stunning heath and beach, as well as access the tea parlour, gift shop, and visitor centre, where they’ll receive complimentary snacks.

Route Distance: 3.8 kilometres
The level of difficulty is low.
The Beginning: The Cube of Data
Heathland, paths, uneven ground, coastline, and shingle all make up the terrain.
Free With the exception of National Trust members, there is no parking available.
The address is: 1 High Street, Dunwich Heath, Suffolk IP17 3DJ.
If you want to know more: The Suffolk Coast, National Trust, and Visit Suffolk


Several circular hikes were developed a few years ago in honour of the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the local brewery Adnams and the organisation Suffolk Coasts and Heaths. It’s no surprise that the treks would begin or end at an Adnams pub or stop by one along the way. But what could be better than trying some of the local beer after a strenuous stroll?

This hike will take you through the Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), as well as past two pubs. The trail begins by following the river’s peaceful banks, and then heads inland for a pleasant stroll through the countryside. It is possible to go the extra mile and check out the Sudbury Estate here.

As you make your way back to Orford, stop at the octagonal castle for a moment of paw-se before heading to one of the two Adnams pubs in town, the Jolly Sailor or the King’s Head. There’s no need to worry about your canine companion feeling left out because both places are dog-friendly.

Duration of Walk: 8.9km
The level of difficulty is low.
Parking lot in Orford is the starting point.
Paths and fields with irregular trails and fields with level paths.
No, there is no free parking.
You can find us at: Orford, Woodbridge, IP12 2NU


Alton Water is home to a big lake, woods, ponds, and marshes, making for an interesting and beautiful walk with your dog. At nightfall, when the sun sinks and the reflection dances across the still lake, the atmosphere is very peaceful and beautiful.

You may observe a wide variety of wildlife from the observation deck and the bird hides, and you might even spot a barn owl here if you’re lucky. Since the lake is a popular spot for water sports, you may also observe boaters at work.

Even though you’ll have to keep your dog on a leash the entire time, the long walk around the lakes and the breathtaking scenery will more than make up for it. There is also a wheelchair-friendly path, so anyone can experience this beautiful setting.

The grounds have a picnic area, restrooms, and a seasonal cafe. There are various pubs in the area where you can stop for a meal or a drink, including the King’s Head in Sutton and the Wheatsheaf and White Horse in Tattingstone.

Distance of a 2.4-kilometer Walk (Easy access,) 13km (circuit) (circuit.)
The level of difficulty is low.
Pick a parking lot as your starting point.
Paths, trails, and gravel ground are the terrain type.
No, there is no free parking.
Stutton, IP9 2RY Alton Water, Holbrook Road


Covehithe is one of Britain’s most picturesque beaches despite being progressively degraded by the North Sea. Dog walkers and fossil-hunters who venture into the cliffs in search of relics also frequent this area. The beach is peaceful and private, and dogs are welcome there.

Parking near the church is your best bet, then making the quick journey over the fields and along the trail to the cliffs on foot or by bike. The church building is interesting in and of itself, as it contains the remnants of a much larger, older church as well as the current, smaller one.

Because of the remote location, there are no amenities in the area. Your canine companion, however, will have a blast running around in the sand and jumping in and out of the waves; this will allow you to enjoy a peaceful, relaxed stroll down the beach. Be aware that the beach almost completely disappears during high tide, so plan your trip accordingly.

Duration of stroll is at your discretion; difficulty is low.
Church of St. Andrew is the starting point.
Trails, rocky, sandy, and uneven terrain.
The answer is yes, parking is free.
Mill Lane, Covehithe, NR34 7JJ.














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